Monthly Morsels

Bubbles to Creativity

If you have done the ‘graveyard’ slot, you will know it is rarely a good time for creativity. Last Wednesday in Oxford, I was on after lunch at a seminar for fifteen women. The topic was creative thinking! They needed to be energised and find their child like state. ‘Genius is the ability to retrieve […]

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Is Stress a Myth?

Last Friday, I gave a joint talk at the BusinessXChange Co-Operation Event with Rebecca Fordham (Real People Solutions HR) on coping with pressure at work. It ended with a relaxation technique, which went really well until someone’s mobile phone went off at a critical moment. Thank you to whoever that was for demonstrating the pressure

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Questions of Success

Success is different things to different people, and not everyone bases success on the pounds in the bank. (Just as well in the current climate!) I was saddened to hear people  at a recent seminar saying that success was based on profit, and people were driven either by fear or greed. Isn’t this the sort

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Management Matters

Spring is in the air, and thoughts turn to spring cleaning. (Well some do!) It is a time of new birth. In work,  it is an ideal time to clean out the ‘habits’ cupboard. As Mahatma Gandhi once said: “Your beliefs become your thoughts Your thoughts become your words Your words become your actions Your

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