Gordon Brown + Alan Sugar = Good Leadership?

Will ‘Brown Sugar’ make a good leadership combination and what can they learn from each other? It will be interesting to see what comes of this match, if they get the time to deliver anything. They both know what bankruptcy is about and how to fire your team members. They both seem to know what autocratic management styles are all about, but Sir Alan does know what success is, and seems to have a good intuition who to hire. I wonder what the outcome would be if they undertook the Integrated Leadership Measure. How would they measure on determination to deliver, focus on the individual, and team working?

It is so easy sitting on the sidelines, on the TV sofa, deciding what they could have done differently, but what sort of leaders are we? Could we do any better when the heat is on?

There are nearly as many definitions of leadership as there books written about it. The debate still goes on, but in turbulent times, it is a much sort after skill. If only it was something you could bottle. For thousands of years, scholars have been trying to determine what makes a good leader. Some 50 models of leadership have been developed worldwide.

In 2005, a major study reviewed all these models, broke them down into their key components and found there were six specific scales common to them all.  From this, AQR Ltd developed a measure, which determines an individual’s preferred style against these scales. This is ILM72, the Integrated Leadership Measure, which was released last year, and is already an international success.

The six scales are:

  • Task v Person
  • Flexible v Dogmatic
  • De-centralised v Centralised
  • Reward v Punishment
  • The means v The end
  • Structured v Organic

It is not about right versus wrong, but where you sit on the spectrum of each of these that will determine what sort of leadership style you have.

We can now offer this service to our clients, as an approved provider. If you would like to discover and develop your leadership style, please contact Ken Barfoot for further details.

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