“The Recipe for Success workshop enabled me to meet some inspirational leaders who were passionate about their businesses, staff and products. This has given me some great ideas and focus points to take back to the team to help us overcome the challenges we face.  Ken and Rosie guided us through the session skilfully; challenging and supporting us where needed.  I would highly recommend attending future sessions!”

Beth Newman, Lubborn Cheese Ltd

"As a small business that is growing fast, we aim to ensure our people are skilled and ready for the next challenge or opportunity. Training for Results is the preferred training provider for us. Rosie and Ken have supported us to grow and develop as a business and as people. They understand our aim and help us to achieve our goals. Our team has benefited from their expertise, through both in-house training and by attending open courses."

Lesley Keets, Chief Operating Officer, Actisense

"Best leadership course I have ever attended. I really liked the amount of practical exercises and feedback that helped own improvement and development of leadership skills"

Delegate on Language of Leadership (for global company)

"Training for Results has delivered a myriad of development programmes for my team during my 6 years’ involvement with Dorset Cereals, at all levels of the organisation from senior management to supervisory. Without exception, their intervention made a positive impact on the business.

With the help of Ken and Rosie, my senior management team worked more effectively as a team, with increased confidence in their ability to adapt their individual styles to drive change through the business. Even the most cynical of line leaders came back to work with a real passion to change their approach and interactions with their colleagues!

Both Ken and Rosie also proved themselves invaluable in one to one coaching interventions with several members of the team, whether developing skills or building confidence. In particular, the use of the Judgement Index helped one individual in particular overcome serious confidence issues.

More generally, their work on “Mind Your Head” proved inspirational to both me and the team in terms of reminding us of the impact that stress can have in a workplace environment, and the incredible importance of managing it. I look forward to continuing to work with Ken and Rosie for many years to come."

 Vickie Best, Former Operational Director, Dorset Cereals

“Rosie & Ken provided the most professional and successful training courses I have ever been involved with. The course was tailored to our specific company needs, allowing us to focus on only relevant material to our company. Our objectives for the training have been more than fulfilled and we are seeing it work back in the ‘office’ with a highly motivated and enthused management team. The results only go to prove that this was money well spent”

Rohaise Rose-Bristow, Director, The Torridon

"The Mind Your Head series inspired us to allow people to perform to their best. We learnt how we need to tap into the potential brain power and to be mindful not to over pressurise individuals and teams. The problem solving techniques clearly identified how important it is to define the real issue in the first instance. Key outcomes achieved have been greater self awareness, recognition of different approaches, and improved communication skills for engaging teams."

Ian Jolliffe, Former Operations Manager, Sunseeker International

“The (Judgement Index) assessment took no longer than 15 / 20 minutes . It was all done on-line – very straight forward, easy to navigate and complete. When the results came back I was really taken back. The amount of information about the person doing the assessment is quite staggering. It suggests some areas for development and looks at the balance of judgement in relation to people / relationships, work and tasks, self-esteem and confidence, self-concept and role satisfaction and self-image.  In my opinion this tool will help to ensure that you have the right people in the right positions at the right time. ”

Malcolm Pitcher, MSP Business Services.

“I have used Training for Results for a number of years…… sessions are always lively and thought provoking and everyone leaves inspired to tackle issues in a more enthusiastic and positive manner.”

Huw Bowles, Former Chief Operating Officer, OMSCo.

“I cannot say how excellent this course, [Speaking as a Leader], was…..Ken and Rosie you are both truly inspiring! Everyone I know could benefit from this course”

Sally Saunders, Director, Atwell Martin Ltd

“Gave me some really good feedback on how to improve as a leader and made me think hard about the image I want to portray. I feel a lot more confident as a leader”

Neil Oxley, Delegate on Speaking as a Leader

“Really helpful 2 days. Thank you once again for an excellent workshop; and the fact that I coped with being videoed must say a lot for the atmosphere you created and the unobtrusive way in which the videoing was done.”

Rosie Ward, Delegate on High Impact Presentations

"After coaching sessions with Rosie, confidence in my own ability has grown immensely and I am therefore finding decision making a lot easier. Rosie's sympathetic, but direct approach, made it easy to see where the problems lay and how they could be rectified. It was a very positive experience for me from both work and personal perspectives."

Joanna Simpson, Marketing Co-ordinator, Samuel Rose

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