Integrated Leadership Measure

“To become a great leader you have to develop your ability to leave your own ego at the door and to recognise the skills and traits that you need in order to build a world-class organisation”   

Warren Bennis, Professor University of Southern California

 Leadership is one of the key elements in inspiring people towards the achievement of organisational goals. Your preferred style of leadership needs to resonate with your followers and the modern employee is far more selective of who they choose to follow.

The Integrated Leadership Measure (ILM72) is the world’s first integrated measure of leadership style and the only one endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management. It measures 6 specific scales and 3 global factors of leadership  related to all major leadership models.

It enables you to:

  • Examine individual leadership styles and match these to the needs of your business
  • Have a greater understanding of how individuals behave as leaders
  • Identify development needs and benefits of adopting a particular style
  • Improve the effectiveness of leadership in any situation
  • Develop a framework for coaching, mentoring and personal development.

The ILM72 uses an efficient on-line format, which takes about 15 minutes to complete. This generates three reports with an option of a further two.

  1. Individual Development Report provides feedback on the results to the individual together with suggestions for developmental activity. It uses everyday language, which is easy to interpret and practical to apply.
  2. Coaching Report provides the manager/coach with narrative about the person’s leadership style and offers coaching suggestions.
  3. Assessor Report provides questions on each scale to enable managers to probe individual scores more effectively.
  4. Organisational Development Report analyses scores on each scale for selected groups to identify a group's prevailing style and other trends and patterns, so you can develop the leadership culture of your business.
  5. Distance Travelled Report is a comparison report based on a current and previous assessment for an individual, and so can measure developmental progress.

We provide an effective feedback and interpretation of the results workshop as part of the process. Coaching or mentoring can additionally be supplied.

Discuss with us how the ILM72 can help your business lead to greater success.

“Key outcomes achieved have been greater self awareness, recognition of different approaches, improved communication skills for engaging teams."
Ian Jolliffe, Operations Manager, Sunseeker International, Portland.

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