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What do Genghis Khan, Lawrence of Arabia, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Allan Leighton and Sir Richard Branson have in common?

They were/are all successful leaders, but with very different leadership styles. They all had a strong determination to deliver. They have all had impact in their time.

A recent interim report by the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) on their three year programme, Shaping the Future, has shown that leadership is a key factor in sustainability. Working with six major organisations, it has identified that people management is critical to long term sustainable performance.

The report lists a number of core ‘enablers’, which bring this about. These are

  • Leadership
  • Engagement
  • Organisational development.

Also running across those three are

  • a strong performance-focused culture
  • clear and consistent communication
  • evaluation measures.

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What is your preferred leadership style, how strong is your determination to deliver and what impact is that having on the long term performance of your business? This can be measured with the on-line Integrated Leadership Measure (ILM72).

Our series of six workshops, Supervisor’s Toolkit, which starts on February 16th, is covering all of these topics and more. As part of day one, you can learn your leadership style from the ILM72, the impact it may be having and how to develop your style to the best advantage of your business.

On Effective Communication on February 23rd, the focus is on authentic conversations to build trust and deliver a clear message

What ever your role, you can learn key skills of engaging and managing people for long term sustainability.

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