Leadership versus Management Competition

On the Speaking as a Leader course we held last week at the beautiful venue of Stanton Manor, we had some great  delegates. One of the exercises they found most challenging was defining the difference between leadership  and management. They are not alone. If you go on the internet and search under leadership, there are over 14 million hits; many of which are on defining what it is! Volumes have been written on it. Yet like the Holy Grail, do we really know what we are searching for and how much is myth?

History tells us that we have been debating this topic since 500BC (not me personally, although it seems like it at times). It is strange that a word that gets so bandied about at the moment, still has no definitive definition.

If you would like to enter a competition, then please send us your views on the five main differences between leadership and management, and we will judge the best response. The winner will get a personal leadership style profile (ILM72) or a free place on one of our one day management courses of their choice. Just email us on info@training-for-results.co.uk

The next Speaking as a Leader course is on November 10th & 11th.

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