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Training for Results has been providing unique leadership and management development for nearly thirty years. Started by Rosie Barfoot in 1991, she was joined  by her husband, Ken, in 2006. Together they form a powerful partnership, as each brings different practical experience, knowledge and strengths to the business. They provide the complete training service with the ability to deliver coaching, mentoring, training, facilitation and profiling tools.


Our values are:

Personalised: We provide a flexible, caring, friendly, and customer focused service, which gives high satisfaction.

Partnership: We work as a team with our customers to ensure goals are achieved and expectations met.

Enthusiasm: We bring energy, commitment and inspiration to all that we do.


Participants’ feedback is that we deliver with a unique passion and relevance that inspires people to make a difference. We aim to provide a unique, memorable, learning experience with practical application by using the best training techniques. Because of this, we deliver results and exceptional value to your business by inspiring and supporting the highest performance in your teams.

Courses are developed to meet your specific needs. Effective pre and post course briefings are provided to ensure required changes are implemented and the maximum benefit is gained from the training. If you want leadership and management development that gets results, then please contact us.

Rosie BarfootRosie Barfoot Role: Trainer, Performance Coach, innovation and design.
Describer: Natural go-getter with a great enthusiasm for life, who seeks and takes advantage of opportunities.
Motivators: Making a difference, creativity and finding meaning.
Interesting facts: Qualified to deliver the Judgement Index. Founder of the Phoenix Legacy which led to being an Olympic Torch Bearer 2012. Achieved Competent Communicator Gold and Competent Leader Silver with Toastmasters International.
Experience: Leadership Trainer and Personal Coach for over 25 years. Training and Development Manager for land based businesses. Adviser for the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. Established a successful farm shop.
Most common feedback: Helpful, thought provoking, enthusiastic, inspiring.

Ken BarfootKen Barfoot - Training for Results Role: Co-Tutor, Mentor, customer relations and marketing.
Describer: Clear decision maker with a positive attitude to change, who is good at organising, attention to detail and strategic planning.
Motivators: Helping to build and maintain empowered teams that perform.
Interesting Facts: Approved agent for Integrated Leadership Measure (ILM72). Former Vice Commodore of Castle Cove Sailing Club helped to build an Olympic Legacy.
Experience: Director and Company Secretary with management development responsibilities. Current Chairman of Trustees’ Pension Scheme with about 1000 members. Non-Exective Director for luxury hotel. Farm and project management.
Most common feedback: Practical, straight talking and experienced.

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What to do next…

If you are looking to improve your people’s performance, let’s talk. To start with, let us know what you would like:

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