Questions of Success

Success is different things to different people, and not everyone bases success on the pounds in the bank. (Just as well in the current climate!) I was saddened to hear people  at a recent seminar saying that success was based on profit, and people were driven either by fear or greed. Isn’t this the sort of attitude that has led to the global economic situation? I may be naive, but I think people have other aspirations.

The speaker put much of his success down to good luck. I don’t know about you, but I don’t believe in luck. Isn’t it about making the right choices at the right time? Otherwise, do we not take responsibility for failure – it was just bad luck? Wasn’t it more a case of the wrong decisions, or the right decision at the wrong time? On the otherhand, some would say life is a gamble, if you won on the Grand National was that judgement or luck?

What does success mean to you? Have you clearly defined what your success criteria are? I meet too many people, who are striving through life, working hard and burning themselves up, who haven’t answered this question. I read recently that success without satisfaction is failure!

In leadership, it is very important to know what success is, so you know where you are headed. You are more likely to have followers, if they are sure you know where you are leading them.

People can have strange attitudes to success. There are some who never seem to succeed. The limiting beliefs we carry can be fear of failure, mistakes, being rejected, or even fear of success. We may believe we are not worthy of success or do not want the responsibility that success brings. Our values may lead us not to push ourselves forward, or want to spend more time with the family. The list goes on, but the important thing is to identify what might be holding you back and check its validity.

By overcoming your fears and growing yourself, you can help your business to grow too. Spring is a time of growth – what can you do over the next few months to grow closer to success? If you would like help in achieving this, then please contact us.

If you have any thoughts on success, luck or how you would like to grow, then please comment below.

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