Like pebbles on the beach, no two people are the same. Creating greater self awareness enables you and your team to grow and move forward. Profiling tools allow you to build a greater understanding of your characteristics and how to  use them to your advantage. They can also aid understanding of how you interact with others, which can reduce conflict and improve teamwork.

To be completely honest with oneself is the very best effort a human being can make”  Sigmund Freud

We are experienced and approved to use a number of profiling tools, which can aid your personal development.

Judgement Index

  • A world leading assessment of individual or teams’ value based judgements.
  • Enables you to quantify, measure and improve an individual’s judgemental capacity.
  • Assesses 35 factors of judgement and identifies potential frustration factors.
  • Can be used in strategic leadership development, team cohesion and engagement, performance, recruitment, well-being  and risk and safety.
  • Find out more about Judgement Index Profiling

Integrated Leadership Measure (ILM72)

  • The world’s first integrated leadership measure of leadership style.
  • Only leadership measure endorsed by Institute of Leadership and Management.
  • Relates to all major leadership models.
  • Efficient on-line format, which generates a series of reports.
  • Measures your determination to deliver, individual cohesion and team working, plus six aspects of leadership style.
  • Enables effective coaching and personal development.
  • Find out more about Integrated Leadership Measure profiling.

Development Needs Audit and High Impact Performance Pathway

  • FREE electronic versions to determine your company or individual development needs.
  • Discover the specific development needs of the business based on its strategic objectives.
  • Gain advice that will immediately benefit your company.
  • Guided audits with Rosie or Ken Barfoot can be provided.

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Profiling tools

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