Speaking as a Leader

Here is an exclusive opportunity for you to review your leadership style, impact, vision and confidence to communicate. In this two day course, you will have ample time to discuss and practice communicating as a modern leader. With only six delegates and two tutors, the content can be personalised to meet your needs.

The programme will enable you to:

  • Create greater self awareness by challenging your beliefs and attitudes about leadership
  • Define your preferred leadership style and its impact so you can adapt it to different situations
  • Increase your confidence to lead and allow you to practice new skills in a supportive environment
  • Share best practice and current leadership issues with other business leaders
  • Receive objective and constructive feedback on the credibility of your message.

"I have a dream..." Martin Luther King

Become an inspirational leader in your workplace….

In today’s turbulent business world, you know it is even more important for you as a leader to establish and maintain credibility. This is a time for you to influence and motivate your team and other stakeholders.  Visions and goals need to be clearly communicated in every day actions.  Respect, support and loyalty have to be earned. Keeping attention on productivity is vital for competitiveness. Culture is built on conversations, and so you need to make those conversations count on a daily basis.

This intensive, interactive and inspiring two day workshop, is run as an open or in-house event. It  includes the world's first integrated leadership measure, ILM72.

What you will learn:

  • How you establish credibility and portray those qualities
  • Ways to present your message with memorable and inspiring impact
  • What qualities employees expect from their leaders
  • Varying communication styles to match the audience
  • What keeps employees’ attention on the business goals
  • How to engage your team to understand, embrace and bring your vision to reality
  • What you need to do to stay congruent to the message
  • Actions to ensure change happens

If you want to be inspired to be inspiring,  contact us for the next available course.

“Two really enjoyable days spent challenging/reviewing not only my leadership style but also how I communicate with my team. Do I just lead or do I lead and inspire my teams?

Wolfgang Sieg-Hogg, Manufacturing Manager, Just Natural

Speaking as a Leader Course

What to do next…

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