Diamond Shine Speech Polishing

Make sure that the words of your wedding day are memorable for all the right reasons.

wedding speechDelivering a great wedding speech is the best gift you can give someone on their special day. It may be the most important speech you ever do.

You want to make this special day perfect. For a wedding, a huge amount of time, effort and expense goes into finding the incredible dress, a fabulous venue, and the right service and readings.

What about the speeches?

A speech is like a diamond
A speech is like a diamond

A speech is like a diamond. It has many facets; such as content, flow, timing, suitability, delivery, etc. If each facet is polished to its best shine, then it becomes a thing of outstanding and memorable beauty. It is a credit to you and the occasion.

Whether you're the groom, best man, father of the bride, or other speaker, you want to be sure your speech is fit for purpose and enjoyed by all. This includes yourself! Don’t let nerves or lack of preparation spoil your day or your speech. Sadly, a poor speech can mar an otherwise wonderful day or friendship.

A speech is also very personal to the speaker. It needs to be genuine and come from the heart. However, it can help to have an objective appraisal as to how it can be even better.

Nerves can be another factor. Most public speakers have issues with self-confidence. It is about learning to manage the emotions and get them working for you; not against you. You want to be able to enjoy the occasion and the food!

All this can apply to other special occasion speeches, such as eulogies or in praise of someone.

Diamond Shine Speech Polishing 

This programme offers a personal service to polish your all-important speech in a way that is right for you. There is a variety of options to choose from.


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Send your written speech for a constructive evaluation and feedback. Each speech is £20/evaluation.


An agreed number of confidential sessions can be carried out face-to-face (if local), by phone or Skype. The content is determined by you to meet your specific needs. An hour session is just £60. The first 30 minutes is free with this code. DSS2018.

You can ensure the right content, pitch perfect delivery and confidence in your ability.

“Rosie showed me how important it is to take your time, enjoy the moment, listen to your audience and react accordingly.  She will coach you in how to be confident, lose your nerves; and get the best out of what you want to say. Most importantly, you’ll very quickly have your guests wrapped around that shiny new ring on your finger!” Caroline Kelly

If you would like further details, please contact me on 01305 261540: or email rosie@training-for-results.co.uk. All enquiries are in strict confidence and with no obligation.

Rosie Barfoot: Speech Polisher

I have over 25 years experience in coaching people in presentation skills. As a current member of Casterbridge Speakers and Toastmasters International, I continually improve my own skills, which includes evaluating speeches and winning five speech competitions. My proudest moment though was giving the Mother of the Groom speech at my son’s wedding in Brazil.


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