Being a Director

Whether you are new or long term to the role of Director, understanding and balancing the responsibilities can be tricky. On a recent workshop, Directors from various businesses looked at the dilemmas they face and sought solutions, as well as recognising the positive aspects of the role. Despite the diversity of businesses, from hospitality, landscaping, …

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Maximising Potential Energy

Being able to maximise potential energy is critical for your business. You know how often there is not enough time to do everything, which means your energy is stretched to the limit. This impacts on the business, your team and productivity. It is important to recognise the importance of human energy, the inhibitors, and the …

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Ensuring Effective Induction

Ensuring Effective Induction

Having recruited the right person for the job, you want to keep them. Therefore, it is important to provide a thorough induction (on-boarding) to get them up to speed as effectively as possible. How they are inducted can impact on their first impressions of the company and whether they choose to stay. It will also influence …

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How Empathetic Are You?

How Empathetic Are You?

Empathetic responses help to build better, more compassionate human relationships, and couldn’t we use more of that right now around the world? Christmas time is traditionally a moment to reflect on being kinder and more considerate of others, but surely, we need empathy all the year round? “A true empath is a person who is …

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Directors' Debate

Managing Successful Managers

As an employer or senior leader, you want successful managers. Whilst the basic principles of people management apply, there are some differences in this situation. You want the best from your managers, but how do you support without interfering, achieve the standard of leadership and management you need from them, and not add to the pressure they …

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The Language of Leadership

The language of leadership, in terms of integrity, credibility, competence, and role modelling, has been a major topic in recent days. Something our Prime Minister is lacking in according to many of his colleagues. However, it is encouraging that some Ministers have made personal sacrifices to their careers to maintain their integrity, be true to …

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