Is it ‘Only Training’?

We have recently been putting a tender together for a training contract. This proved an interesting exercise, because it required us to ask a lot of difficult questions about our business. We found we were too close to be totally objective, so we employed a consultant to help us.  Karenlee Knott was excellent.

During the discussion, Karenlee said ‘At the end of the day, it’s only training’. In context, she was absolutely right, but it made me sit back and think. For me I thought, training is my passion. It is using my creativity to get an inspiring message across. On reflection, actually is it? Is it making a difference that lights my fire? There is nothing more rewarding than when a delegate tells you what they have done differently and how it has changed their life.

For example the other day on a leadership course, one candidate recognised he went into his child ego state and threw a tantrum when he didn’t get what he wanted. When he realised the impact this was having, he completely changed his approach. His colleagues say he is like a different person and life is easier. I don’t believe he would have done that without the training.

For many business people, perhaps it is seen as only training. It is something they need to do and is not a high priority.  They see training as only a means to achieve the results they need. It is a solution to the daily problems they face.

Whether it is improving the performance of a team, getting clearer and more honest communication or achieving greater confidence to lead effectively, that is what they are after. But doesn’t the quality of the training determine whether they achieve that?

So is it only training and it is the results that count, or is it all about the quality training that will get you the results you need? What do you think?

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