Ultimate Experience Christmas Present

When everyone seems to have everything they need, more people are looking for an ‘experience’ present. If you want the ultimate adrenaline rush, which brings benefits for a lifetime, then we have the answer.

High Impact Presentations is an intensive, enjoyable two day course on February 2nd & 3rd 2011. Delegates can enjoy the luxury of Launceston Farm and sample their fabulous home grown organic food, while gaining invaluable skills. As much excitement as a bungee jump, but you get to keep your retinas. As action filled as a ski run, but no broken bones. It lasts a lot longer too!

Be inspired to be inspiring.

This unique two day workshop will build confidence to give inspiring and memorable presentations. This may be for work, sales, after-dinner or that special occasion. Learn how to plan and deliver presentations and enjoy the experience. With two tutors and a maximum of six delegates, there will be plenty of time for individual attention and practice.

  • Face the fear and do it anyway
  • Give inspiring presentations
  • Establish credibility with the audience
  • Communicate with impact
  • Use visual aids to maximum effect
  • Identify communication styles with a brain preference profile

Priced at £495 for the two days all inclusive. Save £50 if you buy before Christmas.

Contact us now for more details on 01305 261540.

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