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Talking leadershipCongratulations to Ken Barfoot, who has just been accredited to deliver the Integrated Leadership Measure (ILM72),  designed by AQR Ltd. This is the world’s first integrated measure of leadership style.  As an exciting new service we offer, you can access it as a stand alone or as part of our programmes. It has already been incorporated into Speaking as a Leader and some in-house courses.

The ILM72 is an on-line self assessment, and has been developed from extensive research into leadership models worldwide. It allows you to determine your position in a range of leadership style factors and assesses you against three key scales.

The tool enables you to:

  • measure prevailing or adopted style of individuals and teams
  • map the preferred leadership style of an organisation to achieve goals
  • create discussion on leadership styles and the impact they are having

From that, you can:

  • Identify individual development needs in context of the organisation
  • Explain organisational culture and behaviours and assess its impact on performance
  • Identify what you need to do to develop a more effective leadership culture

It is suitable for sole traders to large companies. Easy to do, it creates three comprehensive reports; one  for the individual with suggestions for development activity, a coaching report for the person’s coach/manager to offer coaching suggestions; and the assessor report with greater narrative of the scores and further questions to ask.

To find out more or book an assessment, contact Ken on 01305 261540 or email ken@training-for-results.co.uk

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