3 Ways to Develop Success in 2013

When you look at the challenges 2013 will bring your business, do you consider what skills you need to meet them? We are offering three fantastic skills building events, which will help you lead your company to greater success next year.

Coaching for Success

Starting at the end of January, this four day course (one day at fortnightly intervals) provides an introduction for your managers to the powerful technique of coaching for performance. Over the workshops, you can learn:

  • Best practice in developing your people through coaching
  • How to improve their and your own performance.
  • The importance of contracting and agreeing learning outcomes
  • Learning styles and removing the barriers to coaching
  • Communication skills, evaluation and effective feedback
  • Planning the use of resources
  • What needs to be recorded and how to assess learning
  • How to plan a coaching programme

This includes some practical workplace coaching between sessions.

“Coaching has given me the confidence to manage myself my team and colleagues with amazing and immediate results. I cannot recommend this highly enough; it has been an amazing journey” R Rose-Bristow, Director

Speaking as a Leader

This exclusive and innovative two day seminar for Directors, CEO and senior managers will provide:

  • Insight into your preferred leadership style, so you can adapt it to the needs of the business
  • Greater credibility to your message to gain trust and respect from a variety of stakeholders
  • Confidence to inspire your team and build the culture you want
  • Techniques to maintain attention on the business goals
  • Constructive feedback on the impact of your message.

 ‘Truly inspiring! Everyone I know could benefit from this course’ S Saunders, Director

Mind Your Head

You know that businesses are built on brain power, so it is vitally important that you make the best use of this most important asset. If you want to increase the mental potential in your business, then you need to encourage your team to fully utilise their brains to make good decisions.  This unique series of three strategic workshops will enable you to:

  • Make better decisions  on a daily basis
  • Keep attention on the business goals
  • Increase creativity and innovation
  • Adapt communication to meet different needs
  • Manage the mental well-being of your team
  • Build an engaged team

 “The series inspired us to allow people to perform to their best. We learnt how we need to tap into the potential brain power and to be mindful not to over pressurise individuals and teams. I definitely recommend this programme to others.” Ian Jolliffe, General Manager

 Call us now for more detail or to book places. With a maximum of 6 on each event, places are limited. 

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