Portland Philosophy Club Gets Off to Great Start

The first meeting of the new Portland Philosophy Club had 22 people attend plus 5 apologies.  This is a great endorsement of the courage of Douglas Pigg, Dryden Pennington and Roy Pepperell to start it. As their advert said – ‘The Portland Philosophy Club is not an oxymoron’. ( a figure of speech with pointed conjunction of seemingly contradictory expressions). Membership is currently closed, as the host venue, Jackson’s Gallery, cannot take any more numbers, but watch this space. Visitors are welcome to attend (up-to 4 times per year – £2:50 per visit), but please notify the organisers.

There was a mixed age group attending and varying reasons to be there, but most people wanted to have a really good conversation and structured argument.  It is a different way to stimulate the mind and have social interaction. The range of topics covered, as we got to know each other, were very varied. It was fascinating to hear contrasting views and perceptions. At the next meeting, the chosen topic is:  ‘In a multi-cultural world is there a place for set values?’

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