World Class Memory

This week sees the start of the World Memory Championships in China, when incredible feats will be achieved. The mind sport contestants will demonstrate Olympian capabilities. Tony Buzan, Raymond Keene OBE, and Dominic O’Brien, among others, will be there to oversee the event. You can meet all three on August 12th 2012 at the Mind Your Head Conference; here in Dorset. Tickets are on sale now.

Imagine trying to run your business without a short term memory! If you want to protect your memory longer term, it is vitally important to manage the mental wellbeing of yourself (and your employees) now.

The whole aspect of mental vitality has been in the media recently. Current research demonstrates that stimulating your mind with mental activities can delay or prevent the onset of dementia. Leontxo Garcia will be talking at the Mind Your Head Conference on the power of chess in this aspect.

The Sunday Times had two articles this week on the impact of stress, especially at business leader level and the need to build resilience.

Delegates of our recent Mind Your Head workshops said that mental wellbeing had not been considered a priority with the other pressures they faced. Yet the hidden costs of not managing it are estimated at £15.1 billion a year in lost productivity in the UK. They identified actions they can take as managers to build resilience in their teams as:

  • Let everyone have a voice and be listened to
  • Use one-to-one meetings to allow people to express their concerns
  • Educate people throughout the business on mental wellbeing

It is important to recognise that everyone goes through rough patches and to build the right culture where it is OK to ask for support.

We challenge you to make mental wellbeing everybody’s business and ensure your memory stays world class. Book your places now on the next thought provoking Mind Your Head series starting in February 2012 or on the fabulous Mind Your Head Conference next August. Contact us for details.



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