Why I got involved

Douglas Pigg is an invaluable volunteer for the Mind Your Head Challenge and this is his reason for getting involved.

“I lead a fairly active social life centred on walking, fishing and being a volunteer for several local community groups, but I began to miss robust mental stimulation and started looking around for a club to join.  Despite being internet savvy I didn’t find this to be an easy task.

A friend of mine, knowing that I was looking for something to ‘mind my head’ came across an article inviting people to attend a guest evening at The Casterbridge Speakers Club.  I decided to go along and found that the Club met all of my robust mental stimulation needs.  My first speech at the Club recounted my journey to that moment of standing before them, nervous, stimulated and pumping adrenalin.

Rosie Barfoot was at that meeting, listening, and asked if I would be interested in helping the ‘Mind Your Head Challenge’.  I leapt at the opportunity as it seemed to address all of the problems that I had in finding a club that would stimulate my mind and also help others on that same journey.

I have had no regrets about volunteering.  The positive feedback we get from everyone that hears about ‘Mind Your Head’ is incredible; it obviously fills a need that is out there.

For me ‘Mind Your Head Challenge’ is a speed dating event for your brain, introducing it to lots of stimulating opportunities, helping you find mind matches and providing you with the opportunity to follow the chosen ones through to a real date with a club that fits your needs. It is an idea of it’s time and I recommend it to your brain.”

If you would like to be a volunteer, then please let us know.

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