Raising the Phoenix Legacy for 2012

One of the key ways to avoid stress I have decided is to sit on your hands. If you get the tendency to raise your hand to volunteer – don’t!. They say you should ask a busy person if you want a job done. Why is that? Don’t they have enough to do?

Last year, I put my hand up to propose an idea for an Olympic legacy for Dorset and then found myself running the project. It is not all bad news. I have met some lovely people, got in front of decision makers, and found out a lot more about what is going on in the County. This can only improve over time as the project grows.

The Phoenix Legacy is for people over 50, who want a more active lifestyle for mind, body or spirit. We believe the Olympic Legacy should be for everyone and like the Phoenix; something magical rise from the ashes of the 2012 flames. It is also for businesses, community projects and local initiatives to promote what they do. It aims to improve communication between providers and users, and celebrate amazing achievers, such as septugenarian  sailors, equestrians, racket ball players, and belly dancers. It proves you are never too old, or you are only as old as what you do!

This is part of Training for Results’ corporate social responsibility. For a small business like ours, it is important to get the balance right and not let this take too much time out of our core business. This is proving difficult as we approach the launch on September 28th at Portland Spa, Portland. As it grows, then this is something I am going to have to manage and practice what I teach on effective delegation and stress management!

A further Taster day is being run on October 9th at Redlands Community Hub as part of the Weymouth Open4Business ‘Fit for Business’ events. Our focus is on ‘Being Fit for Business‘ and encouraging business owners to look after their health and that of their team.  As a sole trader or small business owner, your health is a barometer to the health of your business.  I believe it is important to get the right balance for yourself and listen to what your body is telling you.

If you are interested joining as a Phoenix or as a Provider, or just finding out more about it, please contact me on rosie@training-for-results.co.uk

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