Conducting Performance is a Fine Art

‘The task of managing and leading people is much more akin to being the conductor of an orchestra….’ John Harvey Jones

 Watching a conductor working is a fascinating sight and can give valuable lessons for running a business. With just a tiny baton and the slightest of movements, (s)he manages the performance of a large number of people. It all looks so easy. Every person knows their role and they are highly trained in using their specific instruments. Their timing, pace and emotional input (motivation) is controlled by the leader. They are part of a team and all playing the same tune.

‘A good manager is the conductor, and he knows who is out of tune, who is playing with real commitment, and who is following the crowd’ Paulo Coelho, Author.

 The conductor has to be listening very carefully, not just to what is being played, but what is missing. The slightest error can send discord through all the players and ruin a great performance. Rehearsals and rapport are vital.

 How can we become conductors in our business?

  1.  Select your team very carefully, and train them well, so they are experts at what they do and trust each other to deliver
  2. Set the tune you want them to play by providing meaningful, achievable and measurable objectives and standards
  3. Listen carefully and get feedback
  4. Monitor and support easily without micro-managing
  5. Deal with under performance immediately, knowing the minimum performance you allow is the maximum you can expect
  6. Make the experience enjoyable and allow them to share the ‘applause’ from your customers. 

If you would like to improve performance than book on Managaing Performance on September 9th. For more information, please ring Rosie Barfoot on 01305 261540

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