Our focus over the next twelve months will be mainly on how you can maximise the mental capabilities of your business. This is to tie in with a major event we are running in conjunction with the Phoenix Legacy, our community project.

The 2012 Dorset Mind Challenge is being launched on August 12th. The vision is to have mentally active people gaining greater independence and enjoyment from their later years. We aim to create a sustainable legacy that increases mental wellbeing of people over 50 in Dorset through greater brain stimulation and self care. More details of this will be announced next month. As we move towards an aging workforce, it is becoming even more important to sustain mental activity and wellbeing.

Business is powered by brain power and it is vitally important to harness and manage that power effectively. By engaging your team’s brains, you engage the team. In this age of knowledge workers, gone are the days when people ‘left their brains at the gate’! You can achieve the best from your team by enabling them to maximise their full brain capability.

This will allow your business to

  • Make better decisions
  • Keep their attention
  • Find creative solutions
  • Increase innovation
  • Improve motivation
  • Communicate better
  • Manage the wellness of your team
  • Keep you and your team at the height of mental wellbeing for longer.

This autumn, we are providing a unique and exciting programme to increase the mental capabilities of you and/or your team, which will enable your business to run at maximum creative power. You can also undertake profiling to assess the preferred way of thinking, learning style, leadership style or judgement capability, so you can identify current strengths and areas for improvements.

MIND YOUR HEAD consists of three workshops:

  • Engage the Brain – Engage the Team: September 13th
  • New Ways of Thinking : October 11th
  • Effective Decision Making : November 8th

Capture the brain power of your business – contact us now for more detail, to book places or run these in-house.

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