Judging Your Judgement

How do you measure your judgement? Using the Judgement Index allows you to quantify and improve your judgement capacity. This can be invaluable for individual or team development, when you consider the cost of making the wrong or too slow a decision.

Here is a brief example where the results are real, but the names are changed.

John owns a small manufacturing business and wants to recruit a manager. This is a critical strategic decision for the business to grow and to release John to find new customers and products for the future.

John’s Judgement Index identified that when making a decision at work his priority would be for people, then the task, with less regard for the ‘big picture’ or the long term consequences. He has high compassion and tolerance of people, a strong work ethic, and is very capable in following directions.

He has a ‘shoot from the hip’ reactive approach to problem solving and is extremely idealistic; with a low sensitivity or general awareness of the impact of his actions on the environment or others.

On his personal side, the judgement criteria are very much off balance and indicate severe stress levels, with poor care of self; disorganisation, inability to ask for help and low self esteem. These factors are likely to be having a major impact on his wellbeing and overall judgement capacity, especially when dealing with difficult people or situations.

One candidate, Daniel, shows a very good balance of judgement both at work and for self. He is more likely to look at the consequences of his decisions than John. His results indicate diplomacy, with a focus on resolving conflict, creating harmony and rapport. He is aware of his environment, is organised, efficient and tidy. He is very realistic, which creates a good balance to John’s idealism, but this could lead to future frustrations with such diverse views between them.

These are just some of the 34 indicators highlighted by the Judgement Index.

If you would like to find out more about what the amazing Judgement Index can do for you, please contact Rosie on 01305 261540

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