Sharing Effective Interviewing Techniques

Date(s) - 13 Jan 2023 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

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Effective interviewing techniques are paramount for you to recruit the people you need, but successful interviews for finding and retaining the right people are never easy. Some managers find it daunting. In these difficult times, the situation is even harder.

According to the CIPD, in all stages of the process, you , as the employer, need to ensure that your selection methods treat candidates fairly, without discrimination or bias, and that selections are made based on the candidate’s ability to perform the role, contribute to the organisation and their potential for development.

However, interviews are not restricted to just recruitment, but can be for promotion, reviews, disciplinary, etc, so how can you ensure their effectiveness? This involves important work both pre and post interview, as well as during.


The adage, ‘fail to plan, plan to fail’ applies very much in this situation. Having the time to step back, reflect, and fine tune your interviewing techniques can be invaluable. It is the chance to determine how you ask the right question and how you listen to the response. It is also about ensuring the candidate has a great experience too. First impressions matter and this is their first impression of your company.


This practical virtual workshop will allow you the opportunity to discuss and share best practice with other managers and analyse what works and what doesn’t. Your questions can be answered, such as how much time should they talk compared to you; how do you get a quiet person to open up, what profiling or assessment tool should I use, if any?

The aim is that you will:

  • Enhance your interviewing techniques.
  • Have greater confidence in your process.
  • Challenge yourself to ask better questions.

If you would like to join this interactive workshop, please register here. The investment is £40.

Bev Hepting, Message Maestro, evaluated my last workshop on Empathy for my Dynamic Leadership Pathway, Toastmasters International. If you would like to learn about my style, please visit here.

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