Perception versus Reality

Date(s) - 11 Dec 2020 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

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How do we differentiate between what is perception and reality? How do we decide what is fake news? The world is rapidly changing around us and whether we perceive that as a threat or a challenge will vary from person to person. Likewise, what constitutes bullying is a matter of perception too, but can be a reality for some.

This free workshop lightly explores what we know about perceptions, how they impact on our lives and reality. This is a complex subject which scientists and philosophers continue to debate, but we can still learn to recognise some of the issues it raises for us personally on a daily basis.

A simple example is to imagine walking into a kitchen and smelling the scent of baking cinnamon rolls. Our scent receptors detect the odour of cinnamon, which gives us a physical sensation, but your perception may be “Mmm, this smells like the bread Grandma used to bake at Christmas, which is a psychological response. What you smell may be very different to what someone else does. The chef, who is constantly using cinnamon, may not be able to smell it at all. You may think it is a nice smell and someone else may hate it. What is the reality of the situation?

In our wider world, these dilemmas occur all the time in our interaction with people and the world around us. Our brain is constantly trying to interpret its world by creating perceptions. The question is how close to reality our perceptions are and the damage misperception can cause.


  • What is meant by perception and how our brain works to understand the world around it.
  • The impact of misperception.
  • Actions you can take to change your perceptions.


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This course was requested by a delegate of our previous workshop on Neuroscience and Its Impact on Our Lives and is one of a series of Business Bite events provided during the coronavirus pandemic. If there is a topic you would like me to cover, please let me know.


“Rosie presented in a way that was thought provoking, igniting my interest, and giving me some material and confidence to continue my own thoughts and research after the event. She has a very gentle way of presenting complex information, so that whatever your level of prior knowledge, you feel empowered to explore, question and share an opinion. As an educator myself, I appreciate the skill with which Rosie engages her audience and leaves us all feeling enlightened and energised. I can’t wait to sign up to her next session – whatever the subject!” Julia Calleja, Business Development Lead at LiveWell Dorset

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