Supporting Thinking Leadership

Date(s) - 19 Feb 2021 until 19 Feb 2021 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

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For more detail contact:
Rosie Barfoot on 01305 261540 or email here

Supporting Thinking Leadership is an opportunity to have time to think, which is a luxury in our hectic and rapidly changing world. It is initiated by delegates’ recommendations from successful events held last year. This hour session aims to help local businesses cope using practical, participative and innovative approaches, so that you can:

thinking time
What slips by us?

  • Share best practice and network with other business leaders.
  • Gain a greater understanding of how the mind likes to work.
  • Develop more informed decision making.
  • Resolve real workplace issues with trustworthy support.

“The quality of our thinking will determine the quality of our future”  

Edward de Bono

The on-line workshop will utilise pragmatic interaction and creative training to help you overcome issues you face. You will gain contemporary concepts as well as discover practical solutions. We know that two minds are better than one and this provides the opportunity to gain different perspectives. The event will provide the space to enable you to help others resolve their issues, whilst learning and finding solutions to your own. We will work together to get through these difficult times.

 You will learn:

    • How to maximise brain power and create a thinking environment for yourself and your team.
    • Strategies to resolve real issues.
    • Greater confidence and effectiveness in your problem-solving.

“Thank you for yet another exciting topic – as always executed perfectly.”

Violet Lester

Supporting Thinking Leadership Friday 19th February 9 – 10am

  • Advice and practice on how to get people to think for themselves and not rely on you for all the answers.
  • Guest speaker – Oliver Hemson, General Manager, Tony Benger Landscaping.

Register here for Supporting Thinking Leadership. Investment is only £10 and includes a post course summary. For £30, you can enjoy this event and three more in the Business Bites series. Future topics include:

  • Better Decision Making
  • Being Assertive
  • Coaching for Leaders
  • More topics as requested by the delegates

If you would like more detail, please contact me.

To check availability and secure your place contact:
Ken Barfoot on 01305 261540 or email here

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