Leading Change for Successful Outcomes

Date(s) - 10 Mar 2016 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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Leading change and communicating the aspirations is essential for success. You and all stakeholders need to believe you have the confidence, courage and capability to lead and deliver the required change.

Real change comes from the inside out. It does not come from quick fix solutions. This requires planning, communicating and engaging with all those involved in the changes you want to make.

How you choose to lead people through the journey of change will influence their confidence to follow you. Your communication of, attitude to and planning of change will determine whether they will support you or fight you. It is about winning hearts and minds. Behind every desire to move forward will be those who resist.  It is important to be aware of their concerns and not ignore them.

A structured plan provides reassurance that everyone is going in the right direction. Engaging people in the process is critical to uptake, as it will improve clarity of purpose and reduce anxiety.

Your message and your behaviour need to be congruent; i.e. your actions match your words. Being incongruent will create a climate of confusion and distrust.

Most managers will be required to initiate change in their working life. Change management is never easy. One of the main reasons why change initiatives fail is due to ineffective leadership. In contrast, change will happen when leaders engage with others and display positive leadership behaviour by taking ownership and responsibility. Learn how you can be more effective leading change.


This in-house workshop is part of an on-going leadership development. It will focus on communicating, planning and leading change. The aims are that by the end of the workshop, delegates will be able to:

  • identify specific barriers to change and provide solutions to overcome them.
  • communicate and engage with the team.
  • initiate successful implementation.


  • Response to change and the barriers to it
  • Communicating to engage
  • Planning and managing change

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