Effective Performance Reviews

Date(s) - 25 Feb 2022 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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Effective performance reviews make the best of your most valuable asset – your people. Knowing how well you and your team are performing is just as important as knowing how the business is doing. The two are integrally linked. Getting constructive feedback on how you are doing is a key motivational factor. Having a system that regularly measures achievement against set targets and identifies and remedies any shortfalls against these targets, enables a business to survive.

Ensure greater productivity and accountability.

Increase profitability through better performance.

Achieve the best from your team

A CIPD survey showed that over 80% of organisations in the UK are now carrying out appraisals or reviews in some way. Performance reviews have many benefits, when done properly. If done poorly, research shows that they can have a negative effect on growth and performance . Is this why then, so many managers and employees ‘dread’ the process?

What makes an effective performance review and how can we achieve that? Giving effective feedback is a great skill and learning how to do this is an important part of the review process.

“Once in a century, a man may be ruined or made insufferable by praise. But surely once in a minute something generous dies for want of it” John Masefield

You can ensure your current review process is fit for purpose. Learn how to develop a fresh, effective, positive and relevant format for 2022.  The process aims are to provide recognition for good work, develop a changed mind-set to meet the challenges ahead and endorse the culture and needs of the organisation.

 The minimum performance you allow is the maximum you can expect


This intensive workshop will enable you to:

  • Identify the purpose of the process
  • Design the new format
  • Give constructive feedback
  • Develop actions for implementation

Content 9-12pm

  • Introduction
  • Purpose and design
  • Accountability
  • Giving feedback
  • Actions

This is a bespoke course to meet your specific needs and build manager confidence. Please contact us to find out more

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