Phoenix Legacy


Training for Results is proud to have initiated and sponsored this 2012 legacy for Dorset to enable people to engage in more meaningful activities for the older person.

“It is not the years in your life that count, it’s the life in your years” Abraham Lincoln

The Phoenix Legacy objectives  were to:

    • Encourage more people to get engaged in mind stimulating activities, thereby improving the health, self care and independence of the 50+ generation
    • Establish better communication and networking links between the public, providers, businesses and voluntary sector initiatives primarily in Dorchester, Weymouth and Portland (DW&P).
    • Promote local activity providers, societies, organisations and volunteers, who already provide support and services to the 50+ generation to a wider audience.
    • Encourage and support employers in taking a pro-active approach to maintaining mental wellbeing and development of their employees as part of their corporate responsibility.
Crossroads Day Centre
Crossroads Day Centre

We completed a Phoenix garden for Crossroads Day Centre, Weymouth, in 2010, which proved a great success and improved the lives of the service users and staff. We  moved this to Southill Day Centre, when Crossroads was closed.

The work led to Rosie Barfoot being an Olympic Torch Bearer on July 12th 2012. It has also provided invalauble experience of building a legacy and leading volunteers.

With the emphasis on maintaining mental well-being, the Mind Your Head Challenge was launched in 2011 with a register of mind stimulating activity providers; Brain Cells. A booklet with  seven tips to maintain mental health was produced.

Mind Your Head Conference
Dominic O’Brien, Valerie Singleton and Tony Buzan

The Mind Your Head Conference and Showcase on August 12th 2012 brought world class speakers to Dorset and highlighted the importance of maintaining mental vitality.

This has led to the development of the highly successful Thinking Leadership series, which is for business leaders who want to increase and protect the mental resilience in their organisations. The latest project is the launch of a highly innovative play in conjunction with TakeArt, which looks at improving mental wellbeing at work. Play on Your Mind is coming soon.

The Phoenix Legacy closed April 2016. It’s last task was to upgrade the outside seating area for Southill Day Centre, Weymouth. The service users and staff offered their thanks.Phonenix Legacy THANK YOU

If you want a healthier, more creative workforce or to understand more about working with older people, then please contact us.


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