What price do you put on a memory or improved creativity?

“Not everything that can be counted counts, not everything that counts can be counted” Albert Einstein

While talking to people about tickets for the Mind Your Head Conference, some have commented that it is expensive. In these difficult times I can appreciate that any expenditure has to be carefully assessed. Is it about how much it costs or the value that it can bring to your life? What price do you put on your memories?

The research suggests that the brain has a phenomenal capacity, which no super computer in the world can match, yet we only use a small percentage of that power. How do you evaluate the impact on a business of increasing brain power, creativity, focus, attention and well-being?

Yesterday, I spoke to some Carers of Dementia patients and was dismayed at how a person’s life can be changed by this disease. The statistics predict that Dementia is going to increase by 99% in West Dorset over the next twenty years. On the way home I wondered if I was told that in six months I would have dementia what price I would be prepared to pay to defer its onset. Sometimes we don’t value what we have until it is gone.

Today, I received an invitation to a one day event in London on leadership. The two speakers, Kouzes and Posner, are world renowned. The price of the ticket was £1095. We are offering four fantastic international speakers of no lesser standing, right here in Dorset, for just £95.

The speakers at the Mind Your Head Conference will be providing information on the practical things you can do to maximise brain power for longer, as well as how to protect the well-being of your mind.

You can learn:

  • techniques to improve your memory
  • how stimulating your mind with Chess can improve strategy, discipline and focus; and reduce the onset of Alzheimer’s.
  • mind-mapping from its creator, Tony Buzan, so you can free your creative capacity
  • the benefits of lifelong learning for mental health.

Dorset Cereals have recognised the benefits and have invested in twelve tickets for the conference. We are extremely grateful for their support and welcome them to the event.

This is an incredible and unique fund raising event with monies raised going to help protect the future mental well-being of older people in Dorset. We all have one mind and one future. The quality of your mind will determine the quality of your future.

Book your tickets today, because with your support we can make a better future for more people.


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