Value of the Mind Your Head Programme to my Business

The Mind Your Head Challenge is extremely grateful to Henry Howarth for being such a pro-active ‘Brain Cell’.   He is now involved with taking his course into HMP The Verne, Portland, to improve mental stimulation for prisoners. We wish him every success.

This is what he has to say about the benefits he has gained.

The Mind Your Head programme has been a big help in the development of my business over the past year.  It has provided a context and access to contacts which has enabled me to develop and market test a course on how to solve cryptic crosswords.

I have successfully run three pilots of the course in different institutions which provide services for the over 50s.  This has demonstrated that there is a demand for learning this skill, that the course I have developed works, and that the outcome is of acknowledged value to the personal development of the participants.

As well as being able to deliver the course locally, I now have designed all the content I need for a book. This has the potential to reach a much wider audience, increasing the business value and personal development benefits by several orders of magnitude.

Henry Howarth

01202 760 478


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