Unleash the True Potential of Your Memory

Dominic O'Brien with Valerie Singleton

Our memory is vitally important to us all; whether for the little things (recalling statistics and facts) to the big (keeping track of anniversaries and important appointments). A good memory is essential to a happy life and a successful career. Most of all, it makes us who we are and gives us self identity.

Dominic O’Brien, British mnemonist, author of memory related books (e.g. How to Develop a Brilliant Memory Week by Week) and eight times World Memory Champion, demonstrated his prowess with memorising information at the Mind Your Head Conference on Sunday 12th August. While you might think that he has some exceptional inherent gift, this is not the case.

He explained how at school, his report said he was slow, didn’t listen to the questions and would never make anything of himself. This is not dissimilar to what Richard Branson and Monty Roberts were told. These people have gone on to be highly successful, but how many other children had their dreams stolen by inconsiderate teachers, who could not cope with the creative mind? The daydreamer is the potential entrepreneur or inventor of the future.

We can even scupper ourselves by self limiting beliefs; such as ‘I’m hopeless with names’ or ‘I can never remember numbers’ or ‘Oh, it’s my age’. Stress will also impact on our ability to remember; as does information overload in this technological 24/7 environment.

Dominic is dyslexic, but through hard work, special techniques and determination, he has trained his mind to achieve incredible feats, such as remembering the order of 54 packs of cards shuffled. That’s 2808 cards; (although he did get 8 wrong apparently!). He will be competing again at the World Memory Championships in London 14th – 16th December and we wish him every success. The British Memory Championships are 23-24th August.

As a Nation, we have recently been inspired by the phenomenal athletic feats of Olympians, but the mind is capable of equally incredible achievements. It is estimated that we use less than 1% of our brain’s potential. Imagine what we could create, how we could improve productivity in the UK; and discoveries we could make, if we each increased that by 1%. What would inspire you to improve your mind?

Just as athletes use techniques, diet, practice and training to help them perform, you can do the same with your mind. Contact us if you would like to find out more about unleashing the true potential of your mind or to book on our Mind Your Head series starting October 9th  info@training-for-results.co.uk

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