Tony Buzan Mind Maps a Better Way to Mind Your Head

The key note speaker for the Mind Your Head Conference on August 12th is the legendary Tony Buzan. He will provide invaluable tips on how to increase your mental potential and challenge your perceptions of ageing. Find out how to increase your creativity and maximise the power of your mind, so you can retain an Older, Better, Still Working Brain.

Tony Buzan is a great role model of what he teaches as his interests include Mind Sports, especially Chess and Go; rowing; swimming; aikido; astronomy; animal behaviour; breeding three-spined sticklebacks; proving that semper solutio (there is always a solution) is always correct!; philanthropy; art; music; literature; writing and teaching poetry.

He was born in London in 1942 and showed a maturity of thinking from an early age. Among his incredible achievements he has gone on to create Mind Mapping and write over 120 books (as author or co-author), on learning, the brain, memory, creativity and intelligence, as well as books of poetry. He created Buzan World, which was based in Bournemouth for many years, and ThinkBuzan, He set up the World Memory Championships and founded The Brain Trust Charity jointly with Raymond Keene.

Tony also has an Olympic connection as he has been part of the team that coached the Olympic Rowing Teams. In 1991, he won  The Eagle Catcher Award, awarded by Electronic Data Systems, “for attempting the impossible and achieving it’. He is a highly sort after speaker across the world.

This is what he said about the Mind Your Head Conference:

1.       What you will gain from my presentation on Older, Better, Still Working Brain is that most people believe they lose a million brain cells a day and this is untrue. The Brain is made of living tissue and can not only repair itself, but also grow more cells. If you use your brain, it gets better as you age. I will explain Mind Mapping as a means of keeping the brain active.

2.       Why I believe maintaining your mental potential is important is because billions of pounds are spent every year on mental degeneration. Brain owners need to maintain their ‘personal computers’ to keep them in tip-top shape.

3.       What am I looking forward to on the day is assisting and explaining to you the audience how to become or stay mentally literate and brain fit.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to hear Tony Buzan speak and to meet with him during the day. Book your tickets now at It is going to be an amazing day.


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