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You wouldn’t think of asking your team to do the job without providing them with the best tools for the task. The ‘tools’ needed to manage people are very different to those needed to do the job. For some reason, people skills are called the soft skills, and yet they can be extremely hard to master. It may be assumed that newly appointed managers have these skills. This can prove a costly error and is not one for you to leave to chance.

Our series of one day courses, “The Supervisor’s Toolkit”, provides practical learning into a wide range of vital competencies. They can be attended as a series or as stand alone events.

Supervision and Leadership (February 16th)

The supervisor/first line manager role is harder in some ways, because you are working along side the people you manage. It can be difficult to draw a line between being liked, (one of the gang), and being respected. Learn how to appreciate your role and responsibilities.  Identify your preferred leadership style and its impact with the Integrated Leadership Measure (ILM72).  You can then take responsibility for your own personal effectiveness.

Effective Communication (February 23rd)

Communication is a vital skill and is key to establishing expectations, giving instructions and feedback, resolving issues and keeping people motivated. Many problems in the workplace come from poor or lack of communication. Learn how to overcome the barriers and use this tool to its maximum effect.

Making the Best Use of Your Time (March 23rd)

Time is the most important asset that we have and therefore needs to be used effectively. Learn how to prioritise, set objectives and targets, plan the achievement of them and improve productivity. We will look at how to match the demands of senior management with those of your team and also the task. Other issues addressed are building trust and respect enough to delegate; and how to overcome the enthusiasm to ‘do’ rather than manage.

Solutions Not Problems (April 20th)

You can save large amounts of time and improve productivity by using your initiative and being able to deal with problems as they arise. It means you and your team are being pro-active rather then ‘fire-fighting’. This workshop develops a systematic approach to creative problem solving, decision making and proposals for change.

Managing Performance (May 25th)

Many people fear conflict and want to be ‘kind’, and so performance issues are not dealt with early enough. This can lead to greater problems longer term. Learn how ensuring maximum productivity and accountability will impact on the profitability of the business. A common dilemma for under-confident young supervisors is ‘How can I ask an older person, who has more experience, to do something?’ All of these issues and more are covered on this day.

Maintaining an Effective Team (June 22nd)

The ultimate goal is to have a fully functional, motivated, productive team, which is performing to their best combined ability. The final focus of this series is developing behaviours and skills to achieve this.

Give your supervisors/managers the best tools to succeed in 2010 and reserve places now.

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