Simple computing benefits older people and the environment

The HOMEKEY was launched by simplicITy computers last month. It is a memory stick which transforms PC’s for just £89.95, making them so easy to use that the system can justifiably claim to be revolutionary.

As Valerie Singleton, celebrated broadcaster, and a founding director of simplicITy says: “It’s a major disadvantage not being able to use a computer or the internet, but with the HOMEKEY, a complete beginner – or someone who has given up because normal PC’s are too complicated – could be sending an email or exploring the web in less than an hour.”

It is estimated that 8.5 million people in the UK have never used a computer or have given up trying. They find conventional software too complicated and computers too expensive. The HOMEKEY overcomes both of these obstacles.

Memory sticks are conventionally used to store data. simplicITy computers has done something very different with them.  They have loaded a USB key with their own easy to use software, the simplicITy ENVELOPE, and built in video tutorials presented by Valerie Singleton.

What makes the development of the HOMEKEY so unusual is that it has been designed specifically to be used in just about any existing PC. It can provide a way to reuse many of the millions of computers that end up on the scrap heap each year. It now makes it possible to give these machines a second life, saving on the cost of computing and reducing the cost of waste, so it has a good environmental impact too

It will also benefit anyone living in residential care, social, sheltered or supported housing, enhancing their independence and reducing their isolation.  Even children having difficulty with computers can use the HOMEKEY.

This is a great way for older people to develop mind stimulating activities at home and gain social contact with their family, friends and wider world. To find out more, visit or visit the stand and meet Valerie Singleton, in person, on August 12th at the Mind Your Head Showcase.

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