Rediscovering the Creativity in You

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‘Genius is the ability to retrieve childhood at will’  Jean Piaget.

According to Tony Buzan at the recent Mind Your Head Conference, sponsored by Training for Results, we start out life with high creativity. Research has shown that normally, a toddler has 95% of its creative ability and this declines to 50% as teenagers and down to 10% by adulthood. What happens to that fantastic ability and does it need to be so?  There are enough examples of genius and creative people in their later years to say it doesn’t have to be like that, if we allow our brain to function naturally.

We are at the start of the Age of Intelligence and those businesses that can be ahead of the game will succeed over their competitors. The Knowledge era is drawing to a close and knowing information is not the same as using that knowledge for the greater good. The possibilities of the brain are infinite and truly the next frontier for man to discover.

The brain is a phenomenal organ and we are using less than 1% of its capabilities to memorise, learn and create. This has been proven by enhancing skills through training the brain to memorise information. It can achieve more than was previously thought possible. This is a bit like the belief that man could not break the four minute mile, until proven otherwise. The recent Olympics showed that with the right training, fitness regime and a supportive crowd, people could achieve more than they thought they could and world records were broken time and again.  The brain can do the same.

Imagine what an improvement in memory, learning and creativity could do for your business. It is possible to achieve more than we think we are capable of. Having a positive supportive environment is vital. I know from my own recent experiences how negativity and stress curtailed my normal creative problem solving. Do you create a thinking environment? Is creativity encouraged or are the idea producers seen as a nuisance?

We have preferred ways of thinking and by challenging ourselves and utilising different ways; we can enhance our decision making and problem solving. Using Mind Maps, we can free our mind to think as it naturally likes to do. Many factors make up the quality of the decisions we make. By understanding these and knowing where we need to improve, we can make even better decisions.
Our next series of Mind Your Head starts on October 9thand will look at key aspects of enhancing greater creativity. It will demonstrate the way the brain likes to think and how to tap into its hidden potential. We will explore how to recapture that childlike creativity and use it to resolve real issues at work. It  will also demonstrate how to improve decision making and team engagement.

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