Lord Coe Writes

The Phoenix Legacy and Mind Your Head Challenge have received recognition. These words were sent in a letter to us from Lord Coe last week:

We hope that hosting the London 2012 Games will help improve sporting facilities and provision across the country and the Phoenix Legacy is a perfect example of this. The work that it is doing to enable people over 50 to stay active and enjoy outdoor activity is fantastic…..Keep up the good work!”

A few weeks ago, Oliver Letwin wrote in the Dorset Echo; “At a time when cases of dementia have been increasing at an alarming rate as we live longer, nothing could be more welcome than an effort to keep our brains healthy.

One of the wonderful things about this group (Mind Your Head Challenge) is that – compared to the cost of providing care for those unlucky enough to suffer a decline in their mental capacities – this voluntary effort is astonishingly cheap.

And this in itself points the way to a larger lesson: often enough, community action to prevent a problem turns out to be vastly better and vastly more affordable than trying to deal with the problem once it has arisen. As so often, proverbs turn out to contain distilled wisdom. A stitch in time saves nine.”

Let’s show them both what we can achieve in Dorset and lead the way for others to follow.

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