Kings Cribbage and Age UK Get Brain Cells Stimulated

Age UK Dorchester is run by a number of warm and friendly staff at the Centre. They are constantly on the go with a really interesting range of activities and support for the over 50’s. Anna Biley in Development contacted us to see if we would like to run a Kings Cribbage training course. This connection had been made through the Mind Your Head Challenge, as we are registered as a Brain Cell.

My daughter Corrina and I were delighted to set up a Kings Cribbage Workshop teaching students how to play our board game. The course was spread over 5 sessions, starting at the very basics, leading up to playing at a confident level. The last session finally ended the course with a fun and exciting tournament. The worthy winner won their very own game of Kings Cribbage.

It was encouraging seeing people relaxed and enjoying themselves, at the same time learning something new. Most of the group are now going to continue to meet on a monthly basis to carry on playing the game. It is satisfying our programme and game seemed to inspire the students and the feedback was very positive. Like all good traditional games, Kings Cribbage gets those little grey brain cells sparkling like champagne.  Hopefully more at the Centre will ask us to run another course with them again in the future.

Being involved with the Mind Your Head project is very inspiring; it makes you take a fresh look at you, your product and service, also creating a new dimension in your work place to help and benefit others.

Paul Turner, Sales Director, Kings Cribbage ConnectionsUK

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