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At the Business Exchange meeting (12/2/09), we used Edward De Bono’s random word technique to look at a real issue for Margaret Mckenzie. For details of random word, visit If you would like to know more, join us on March 17th at the Creative Ideas Group, 6-8 pm

How can I notify my existing and potential customers that we have changed the company name from Entrega to Swan, and have expanded our services, so that they get a clear message and at virtually zero cost?

From six tables we got 60 possible solutions (in 8 minutes!!) Well done.

  1. Keep a close eye on your customers – watch their response
  2. Provide a recipe for success
  3. Show as a changing menu – more choices
  4. Now ‘Masterchef ‘ of your trade
  5. Now providing a balanced meal
  6. Adding new ingredients/widen the palate
  7. Decide what comes first – chicken or the egg
  8. Overcome the fear of doing this
  9. You can’t make an omellette withour breaking eggs
  10. Keep pecking away at it
  11. Have a pecking order of customers you need to notify
  12. Send them an Easter egg with the message on – a Swan’s egg
  13. Be consistent and get it right
  14. You now tick all the boxes
  15. On your website – press Swan to go through to new website
  16. Be friendly – very chatty – use Facebook or Linkedin – twitter
  17. Swan Lake – have a beautifully choreographed message
  18. Put yourself in their shoes – what do they want/need to know?
  19. Be beautiful – before and after story
  20. Pink elephant – ‘no you are not seeing things – we have changed’
  21. Send them champagne – celebrate with us (Can get little bubble blowing type for less than £1)
  22. Send a flower with message on – ‘Forgotten at Valentine’s? – we don’t forget you’
  23. Recognise customers are different – short and long message for existing or potential customers
  24. Train them to new concept – regular trips to gym approach
  25. Use images of new company either photographs or video
  26. Building blocks message – not tell them everything at once
  27. Dance the quick step – be light on your feet (message)
  28. Partner up with someone to help get message out there
  29. Go -go – get out there and just do it
  30. Conga – use referrals – pass it down the line – joined up message
  31. Bounce message from customer to customer – bounce new message about
  32. Bounce ideas off trusted person(s) before sending it out there
  33. Bounce it back – get feedback on how your message is being received
  34. Email the message and check bounced emails to improve customer database
  35. Throw it directly at customers – go outside normal realm
  36. Set yourself a time limit/deadline to do this by
  37. Have a competition for first (10th/20th/50th) customer to reply
  38. Send a round robin – think global
  39. You now offer a complete solution – well rounded
  40. ‘Don’ t take you eye off the ball of running the business – let us do it’
  41. Simple terms and simple for them to implement changes needed
  42. Cushion the blow – offer an enticement
  43. Invite them for coffee – open office morning – business surgery
  44. Sit down and talk to them – send example of your services
  45. Use lunch/supper club announcements – network
  46. You need to be comfortable with the message
  47. Make the change effortless – take the message to them
  48. Chatty newsletter
  49. Create a Swan song that can’t be ignored
  50. Survey – 8/10 owners prefer……
  51. Post the message to them – lands on their mat
  52. Talk to a PR/marketing person – free advice from Business Link
  53. Give your customer positive strokes – how important they are to you
  54. Seed the pipeline – clarify all the methods open to you
  55. ‘We affect the flow to your business’
  56. Have a drip feed campaign
  57. Send them a magic trick – message – ‘its no magic we’ve transformed’
  58. Send chocolate in shape of Swan
  59. Go dressed in swan costume to a network event
  60. ‘We are delivering our difference to you’

Margaret has promised to let us know which she has chosen.

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