Creating a Business Success Recipe

recipe for business success
Courtesy of Sean Kelly, The Lovat

What will your business success recipe contain? Business strategies come in many forms. You need one that is right for you. Why not try the business success recipe? A new approach can generate inspiring and innovative ideas.

A recipe is defined as a device which is likely to lead to a particular outcome. It outlines the ingredients and procedures for preparing a dish. In this case, the proposed dish is your business success for the future. Traditionally a recipe identifies:

  • The dish.
  • Picture of the finished article.
  • How many it serves.
  • Timescales for preparation and cooking.
  • Temperature.
  • Utensils needed.
  • Ingredients
  • Method
  • Serving suggestions.

Let’s put that into a business strategy format. As every business is different, here are a few questions you can ask yourself. There are many more to consider for a delicious outcome.

  1. Dish

Which aspect of the business do you need a recipe (strategy) for? You may be looking at the whole business, a department or a specific project. What’s the budget going to allow?

  1. Picture

Do you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve? What will success look like? What are your success criteria?

  1. Serves

Who and how many does it serve? Are you looking at internal and/or external customers? Where are these people?

  1. Timescales

How much time will you allocate to preparation? How long will this strategy take to implement? Do you have the time available?

  1. Temperature

How much energy is required to make it happen? How much motivation is there in your team? Do you need to turn up the heat?

  1. Utensils

What equipment and other resources do you have or need to succeed? Examples may be:

  • Sufficient well considered finance – cash flow, profit and Key Performance Indicators.
  • Good working environment.
  1. Ingredients

What ingredients do you need, how much of each and in what state?

  • What’s already in the cupboard?
  • What’s past its sell by date?

A food recipe may read 450gms onions, thinly sliced. Some general business examples may be:

  • A given quantity of people of high quality, well trained, with specific knowledge, skills, and attitude.
  • Clarified marketing with sales and research.
  1. Method

What actions have to take place and in what order? Who is responsible for each action? How will you hold people accountable? Some basic examples are:

  • Test regularly; ensuring motivation, well being, and meaning. Adjust temperature, if required, to reduce loss of people.
  • Once ready, serve on an established supply chain, liberally splashed with quality customer service.

9.  Serving suggestions

How will you communicate (serve) this to all stakeholders?

Be challenged by your peers for a different perspective and to create your own business success recipe.  Join us and other food and beverage companies at 8am on Wednesday September 13th  at the George Albert Hotel, Evershot.

To book your place, please email The fee is £15.00 inclusive of breakfast. Early bird bookings receive a FREE one-to-one meeting post the course to help implement the actions.

You will come away with your own specific recipe for success!

If you cannot make the event and would still like the challenge, contact us for personal coaching through the process.

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