Making the Best Use of Your Time

Date(s) - 12 Apr 2016 9:15 AM - 4:30 PM

Aylott Room (click for address & map

For more detail contact:
Rosie Barfoot on 01305 261540 or email here

Making the best use of your time is vital, as time is the most valuable asset we have. In the current economic climate, there can be even more pressure on us to perform. Running a business can seem as if you have to be all things to all people, and delegation can be one of the most difficult management skills.

Time is finite, and we have 24 hours/day. How we choose to spend those hours will vary depending on our self management. Having our nose too close to the grindstone every day can cause us to lose sight of what is important. It pays to spend more time on the business rather than rushing around in the business. Taking the time out to think can be invaluable.

Within this workshop, you will have the opportunity to evaluate your time and self management, and design actions to get them right for you. This is Day 2 of the Supervisor’s Toolkit series.

The aims of this workshop are to help you

  • Use your time effectively
  • Differentiate between what is urgent and important
  • Set objectives and priorities
  • Plan for the daily activities
  • Reduce time wasters
  • Delegate successfully


  • Review
  • Effective versus efficient
  • Setting goals and targets
  • Prioritising
  • Planning
  • Effective delegation
  • Action planning

The fee is £155/person all inclusive of delivery, venue, and training materials. if you want to make the best use of your time and delegate effectively, then book a place now. You will need to prepare a delegation of a task to bring with you.

To check availability and secure your place contact:
Ken Barfoot on 01305 261540 or email here

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