Providing 5* Customer Service

Date(s) - 12 Jul 2022 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Volunteer Centre Dorset (click for address & map

For more detail contact:
Rosie Barfoot on 01305 261540 or email here

At all times with customer service, you are the ‘face’ of the business. How you interact with a customer will influence how they perceive you and the organisation. Your words and behaviours will create the customer’s experience, which applies whether the customer works for the business (internal) or not (external). An unhappy customer will tell a lot of people how you made them feel, and in this age of social media, they can tell the world!

The customer’s perception is your reality. ~ Kate Zabriskie

There are benefits for you in delivering exceptional customer service, which includes helping your own progression, reduced stress and improved job satisfaction. It can also determine the future success of the business. If  you create a 5* experience this will differentiate you from your many competitors.

This course uses practical and interactive learning, which is designed to meet your specific needs.


The aims of this one-day course are to develop:

  • A seamless approach to 5 * quality customer service, whether internal or external.
  • More effective communication skills to make the job easier.


At the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Utilise the communication process to reduce misunderstandings.
  • Create exceptional service for external and internal customers.
  • Handle complaints and deal with difficult customers.
  • Cope with the pressures of reception.
  • Take responsibility for making a difference.


  • Setting expectations.
  • Factors of effective communication.
  • Seamless approach to customer care.
  • Being assertive and handling conflict.
  • Coping with pressure.
  • Taking responsibility – actions for change.

Investment is £125/person to include delivery, materials and refreshments. There will also be pre and post course briefings to help you implement your chosen actions.

If you would like to be recognised for exceptional customer service, then please contact us.

To check availability and secure your place contact:
Ken Barfoot on 01305 261540 or email here

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