Coping with Difficult Conversations

Date(s) - 4 Jul 2023 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Volunteer Centre Dorset (click for address & map

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Rosie Barfoot on 01305 261540 or email here

We cannot please all the people all the time, so there are going to be occasions when we must handle difficult conversations. The skills we need to manage people are very different to those required to manage processes.  Despite being called the ‘soft’ skills; dealing with emotions, behaviours and attitudes can be extremely hard, whether they are your own or others.

There are times when you are dealing with difficult customers, volunteers, people you visit, speak to over the phone, etc. Sometimes people get frustrated and can be rude and offensive, which is not to be tolerated, but at the same time you may be dealing with vulnerable people. You may also deal with sensitive and upsetting disclosures which can impact on your day.

It is important to know how to manage these situations, and how to debrief and leave these feelings at work.

 Course objectives

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to:How Empathetic Are You?

  • Define what makes  ‘difficult conversations’ for you.
  • Increase your confidence and coping mechanisms to deal with difficult situations and vulnerable people.
  • Cope with the aftermath.
  • Achieve more positive outcomes.

Course content

  • Setting expectations.
  • Defining difficult conversations.
  • Dealing with the issues.
  • Taking responsibility.

This is an in-house course for the voluntary sector, but if you would like a bespoke version for your team, please contact me.

To check availability and secure your place contact:
Ken Barfoot on 01305 261540 or email here

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