Accountable Delegation

Date(s) - 11 Jun 2021 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

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Accountable delegation is a key skill for business leaders to encourage growth, promote responsibility, and give recognition. It is a gift for both parties. One sees personal growth and increased authority; the other gets

more time to do other tasks. The question you need to be asking daily is ‘what more can I delegate?’ However, many managers find it difficult to do and so end up doing everything themselves.

This one hour virtual session will identify the key aspects of delegation and holding people to account. It will help you differentiate between delegating and assigning a task.

Why Delegate?

By delegating you can free your time to be doing those things that are important. This is also vital as part of succession planning. It is no good when you are gone for people to have to learn what it was you did. That has been the downfall of many companies.

As a manager, you should delegate authority not responsibility. This means you accept responsibility for the action of your staff. This can be difficult as it does involve risk. The job may not be done as well or as cheaply to start with. In time, it will improve; and even new ways discovered to do the job better than you did! You should also be prepared to let them have the glory when their actions are successful.

Accountable delegation is essential for the growth and development of your staff, so let them know what results are expected of them and to what extent they are accountable. This requires careful planning.

Ask yourself “If I were ill for a month, which tasks could not be done?” Hopefully, it should be almost nothing. If there are plenty of tasks, then you are not delegating enough.

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