Caring about Isolation in Hospital

We have received a request from Annie Dimmick of LINk, which would suit someone looking to stimulate their mind while making a difference in a difficult situation.

Dorset LINk would like to work with Dorset County Hospital on an innovative piece of work looking at the patient experience of being in an isolation unit/room whilst receiving care in hospital. Some patients are cared for in isolation rooms because of infection control or maybe because of challenging behaviours due to mental health conditions. Being isolated whilst in hospital can have an affect on a patient’s well-being and can also affect their carers, relatives and friends who may find it more difficult at visiting times.

Dorset LINk wants to put together a team of people who would be interested in observing the type of care people receive whilst in isolation (non-clinical) and whether this may be different to the care they would receive on an open unit/ward. The team would also be talking to patients and relatives about their experiences. Dorset LINK hopes to do a number of observational visits throughout May and June.

If you are interested in being part of the team you would receive appropriate training and would also need to be CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) checked. Please contact Annie Dimmick on 07717 702131 for more details.




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