Kings Cribbage and U3A bring about a “Meeting of The Minds”

The new Kings Cribbage teaching course sets off to a great start with the U3A Dorchester Branch. Twenty people signed up for the course following an introduction “Taster Event” in Oct 2012. Four players from a previous KC course with Age UK volunteered to support and help mentor new U3A players in the practice play sessions. U3A Group Leader

Libby Wood, who set up the activity, says, “What a success! There are so many very enthusiastic players on board, and everyone is enjoying it” Already some of the students have shown real interest to continue playing after the course. Libby also runs Scrabble and Kings Cribbage group sessions held once a month at ‘Rowan Cottage’Dorchester.

 The Kings Cribbage course is planned to teach students how to play from the ‘very basics’ to compete at a confident level with the lessons spread over four separate two-hour sessions. The main objective of the course is to learn a ‘new board game’, but most importantly for people to socialise and have fun, while participating and engaging in a group mind-stimulating activity. This game can be shared with colleagues, family and friends.

Kings Cribbage is a tile Board Game that plays Cribbage hands on the board like words in Scrabble. It is based on Cribbage rules and scoring, and will test players numerical and logical thinking skills in a FUN and clever way to win.

Kings Cribbage Connections UK is a registered “Activity Provider” or Brain Cell with the  Phoenix Legacy ‘Mind Your Head Challenge’

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