Is There a Place for Autogenics & Mindfulness at Work to Improve Mental Well-being?

Performance in the workplace is becoming increasingly important. Employers want more out of their employers in an ever increasingly competitive market. Top businesses and sports people are now turning to cognitive training and mind awareness to help achieve their results. Among these techniques, autogenics and mindfulness are rising in popularity.

The important distinction that is being made with these techniques is that you do not have to be ill to benefit from them. They are tools for optimisation. Allowing the mind to experience calm is very relaxing and also refines thoughts and concentration. Inhabiting the now, the present moment can be very grounding and helps create distance from past memories and future fears and worries. Bringing some of these qualities into our daily mental state can be self-empowering and goals can become more achievable. Recommended reference: The Power of Now by Eckhart Toller

The British Autogenic Society suggest that it ‘sharpens awareness and discernment’ which are valuable skills in the workplace. And the training of mindfulness to focus on one thing at a time has never been more necessary than in the modern workplace with emails, phones, and any number of social media accounts buzzing away. These two techniques are just an example of the plethora available and being promoted to help combat the national stress epidemic.

The simple, but not so easy to master, discipline of learning and practising these techniques is a very valuable skill to develop too!

Contributed by Anya De Iongh

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