Facing the Klingons in Our Lives

For those that follow Star Trek, you will know that when Captain Kirk and the Star Ship Enterprise were facing their enemy, the first consideration was what state the force field was in. This was the energy field around the ship, which protected it from attack. If it was low for some reason; often from overcoming sustained battles, then they would retreat from the fight. The good Captain knew they were vulnerable.

We are like the SS Enterprise. When we are over stretched, stressed out, or fearful of conflict, then our energy levels are lowered and we feel more vulnerable. Our power is reduced. We may not be ready to engage in conflict resolution. We can either withdraw or submit to the aggressor. The foolhardy, who decide to go in all guns blazing, can end up battered and damaged.

Few of us choose conflict, but if you do decide to engage and want to ensure effective resolution, I would recommend checking where your energy and stress levels are first. You can choose you state of mind and consider how you can protect your vulnerable side.

I have found that many people are as fearful of conflict as the Enterprise crew were of the Klingons. However, if you ensure the protective energy, take a positive approach and the right steps, you can prevail. This will strengthen the relationship, build your confidence and remove the problem. Be brave and you can boldly go …….

Please let me know how you feel about conflict?

If you would like to find out more, book on ‘Achieving the Best Conflict Resolution’ on October 21st.

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