Managing Under Performance

Date(s) - 20 Oct 2023 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

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Managing Under Performance is the second session in the Business Bites series. These virtual workshops (90 Minutes) focus on the everyday issues you face, review what you already know, and learn new information. They provide the opportunity to hone your skills and:

  • Step back to gain new perspectives.
  • Refresh the basics.
  • Discuss with peers from a wide range of businesses.
  • Share and learn experiences.
  • Agree actions for change.

“Your training helps so much. You also have some brilliant people attending the zooms and learning the practical experience alongside your work is very valuable.” George Beatty, MD

Delegates, who have attended many of these sessions over the last three years, have requested the following topics for the first half. Participants will be able to select their most relevant topics for early 2024.

Business Bites : Fridays from 9 – 10.30 am on-line.

October 20th                       Managing Under Performance.

Using your communication skills to bravely have those necessary conversations.

November 10th                  Accountability Without Blame.

Encouraging people to be accountable whilst recognising the impact of blame.

December 8th                     Effective Meetings and Managing a Difficult Audience.

Getting the best return on the time and energy spent in meetings. 

Managing Under Performance

The minimum performance you allow is the maximum you can expect. Managing under performance is key to getting the job done in time to the required standard. It can require having challenging conversations, which some managers are fearful of and try to avoid. This workshop focuses on the skills required to have those necessary conversations. You will have the opportunity to resolve your specific issues in gaining the maximum potential of your team.


You will be able to:

  • Appreciate the communication skills required.
  • Deal with under performers.
  • Resolve personal issues of managing performance


  • Identifying the issues involved.
  • Facing the fear.
  • Improving those necessary conversations.

Further details of the other sessions will follow.

You can attend an individual session or sign up for the series of four. Each participative and practical workshop comes with learning material and a summary of the discussions. Your investment is £50/session or £160 for four.

“My achievements are thanks to your training. It’s so great to see the positive results amongst the regular attendees” Oliver Hemson, Director

If you would like to find out more about Business Bites, please contact me at or you can reserve a place for October 20th. Register in advance for this meeting:
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