Essential Leadership – Coping with Workplace Pressure

Date(s) - 18 May 2017 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

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Coping with pressure is an essential leadership skill. It helps develop a profitable sustainable business. The final module of this unique series of eight workshops looks at defining and managing pressure. It brings together the learning of the previous seven modules to help supervisors recognise and cope with their own and their team’s stress. It also looks at how they can contribute to building mental resilience in the workplace.

The whole series establishes the role of leadership in modern management and the development of the different skills required to lead and manage an engaged team. It includes strategic tasks, problem solving and undertaking of work based actions to address real issues.

The sessions involve working in small action learning forums. These support understanding and address real issues by encouraging individual actions to be taken in the workplace. This also develops coaching skills and a support network.

Desired outcomes are:

  • Improved productivity and quality performance from engaged teams.
  • More confidence in using modern management and practical leadership skills.
  • Improved communication practice for better working relationships (assertiveness, rapport building, active listening).
  • Greater credibility with the team through earning respect via integrity, building trust and spending time with the team.
  • Engagement between Managers/Supervisors and Team to the achievement of personal and business goals
  • Greater accountability and taking of responsibility.
  • More effective delegation to include giving responsibility, review/managing the delegation, recognition and stress management.
  • Development of basic coaching skills to deliver solutions for change.
  • Improved cross functional communication and team work.

The workshops involve participation, group and individual activities for an effective experience. The delegates are encouraged to carry out agreed actions between sessions to implement the learning.We provide pre and post course briefings to clarify expectations and ensure the maximum benefit is gained from the training. A progress review is carried out after module 4.

Although this is a bespoke in-house course, it can be designed to meet your specific needs.

Please contact us, if you would like to find out more.

1. Defining Leadership

 ·         Leadership versus management

·         Impact of leadership styles

·         Establishing credibility

·         Roles, responsibilities and power

·         Action learning forum


2. Communicating as a Leader

 ·         Improving communication

·         Being assertive

·         Dealing with difficult situations

·         Action learning forum



3. Engaging the Team

 ·        Defining the ideal team

·         Factors of engagement

·         Diversity – playing to strengths

·         Action learning forum



4. Improving Productivity

 ·        Effective v Efficient

·         Prioritising

·         Objective setting

·         Improving productivity

·         Action learning forum


5. Delegating Effectively

 ·         Defining delegation

·         Seven steps of effective delegation

·         Overcoming barriers to delegation

·         Monitoring progress

·         Motivating through responsibility

·         Action learning forum


6. Managing Performance

 ·        Performance management

·         Assessing standards

·         Feedback & follow through

·         Managing under performance

·         Action learning forum



7. Managing and Delivering Change

 ·        Barriers to change

·         Stages of change

·         Coaching for change

  • Action learning forum



8. Coping with Pressure

 ·        Defining pressure and stress

·         Coping with pressure

·         Building mental resilience

·         Essential Leadership in action

·         Action learning forum


To check availability and secure your place contact:
Ken Barfoot on 01305 261540 or email here

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